Stuck between a rock and a hard place?
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Welcome to Rock-Hopper!

At Rock-Hopper, we are committed to the very best in IT outsourcing! Whether your needs are big or small, we'll be there for you!

More importantly, we'll provide you with a streamlined experience. Much like this webpage, we'll provide you with all that your firm requires, but without all of the ostentatious excess that some outsourcing firms provide.

We'll never recommend a change in hardware, as many other firms do, simply because we are familiar with it. We won't insist on a change of methodology, unless that change truly provides for an improvement -- we aren't here to warp your IT department to our needs.

Most importantly, we'll try to provide you with systems that you can maintain yourself. Our goal is to provide supplementary services, not primary services!

Why not contact us today? An initial consultation and our followup proposal are both on us, so there is no commitment before you make a decision. We hope to be working with you for years, and a high pressure sales pitch is not beneficial to that goal.

We want you as a client because you are well informed and pleased with our collaborative plan of attack -- not because you've been pushed into something without thinking it through.

So, why not contact us today!
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