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Our Staff

Robert Jenkins
Bob co-founded Rock-Hopper in 2006 with Joe. Bob has years of experience managing a variety of IT projects, both in the private and public sector.

Prior to Rock-Hopper, Bob spent seven years as VP of Operations for UltraBack, a firm specializing in remote backup and data retention.

Joesph Ramsey
Joe, a co-founder, brings years of project management experience to Rock-Hopper. With broad experience managing VOIP, content management, network topography and general programming projects, Joe ensures that we deliver on time, and under budget.

Brad Barnett
Brad joined Rock-Hopper in 2008. He has decades of software programming, hardware, and security experience. He currently focuses on Linux security and server issues, as well as churning out code.

He is also our lead contact for all liaisons with our Linux clientele.

Alex Bough
Alex handles most database and web 2.0 front end related projects. Since joining Rock-Hopper in early 2009, he has brought valuable real-world web development experience to our team.

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